Tech Talk and Tangents

--- Remy Demont ---

Emmaly and Amna are two high school girls on their high school robotics team. They love tech and going on tangents. Join them as they have tech talks and tangents!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 2: Inventions; Weird, Genius or Useless and Tangents

    In this episode of Tech Talk and Tangents, Emmaly and Amna talk all about inventions. From weird to genius and everything in between. They talk about inventions that range from a grocery store on wheels to robotic strippers all while having random tangents! ...


  2. Episode 1: iOS vs Android and Tangents

    Welcome to the first episode of Tech Talk and Tangents! Emmaly and Amna are two Highschool Robotics students that talk about tech, their robotics experience, and go on very, very long tangents.  In this episode, they kick it off with the classic debate of iOS vs Android phones, talk about some memories, ...