Tech Talk and Tangents

--- Remy Demont ---

Emmaly and Amna are two high school girls on their high school robotics team. They love tech and going on tangents. Join them as they have tech talks and tangents!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Halloween Special

    Listen about some spoopy tech and hear some spoopy stories in this Halloween Special! ...


  2. Episode 6: iPhone 12 and Tangents

    What would the world be like if we implanted chips in our head as Elon Musk suggests? Emmaly and Amna take a quest into this hypothetical situation and also talk about the iPhone 12 and even rising video games like Among us!   ...


  3. Episode 5: Entertainment Tech and Tangents

    It's all about entertainment! In this episode, the girl go over a homemade Batmobile, a scorpion gamer chair, the new PS5 and more!  ...


  4. Episode 4: Japanese Tech and Tangents

     In this episode of Tech Talk and Tangents, Emmaly and Amna talk all about Japan! From Japan's first flying car all the way to Japan 3-D printing their food!  ...


  5. Episode 3: A Guest With Tangents! ft. Ryan Tran

     Emmaly and Amna have a guest this episode, an old friend! Ryan Tran! This episode they catch up a bit, talk about amazon, and somehow land on the topic of how astronauts go to the toilet in space? ...